Incremental Data Loading Using SSIS

Today I am portraying Incremental Data Loading utilizing SSIS in SQL Server. This is significant point of SSIS and Interviewer for the most part posed this inquiry.

In this Article I will cover what is Incremental Data loading, why we utilized this and types of Incremental Data Loading.

Incremental Loads in SSIS are regularly used to keep information between two frameworks in a state of harmony with each other. They are utilized in situations when source information is being stacked into the goal on a rehashing premise, for example, consistently or for the duration of the day.

Average steady burden forms inside SSIS include queries to discover changes and organizing tables so as to refresh a database because of constraints with OLE DB/ADO.NET Destination parts. This constrains the information we can work with and can set aside more effort to create.

Types of Incremental Data Loading are

  1. Use Lookup
  2. Use SCD
  3. Use Merge statement
  4. Use customized SQL Query
  5. Use Customized SSIS Code
  6. Use Set Of operator like (Except, intersect, union etc.)

Let discuses one by one with example.

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