Log shipping interview QA

In this blow I am clarifying most significant things about SQL Server Log shipping .

1) What is Log shipping and reason for Log shipping?

Log shipping is only Shipping exchange log reinforcement occasionally one server to another server

2) What is Primary Server, Secondary Server and Monitor Server?

a) Primary Server:-

It is a creation server it holds the first duplicate of the database. log shipping designed in essential server.

b) Secondary Server:-

it holds remain by duplicate of the database.we must intialise the database on auxiliary server by reestablishing a reinforcement from primary server using either recuperation or remain by choice.

c) Monitor Server:-

A discretionary Server is called as Monitor Server that records history and status of reinforcement, duplicate and reestablish tasks and raises alarms if any activities fall flat. The Monitor Sever ought to be on discrete server to abstain from losing basic data. Single Monitor Server screens various Log shipping setups.

3) What are the Jobs running for Log shipping and clarify them?

Log shipping having four tasks which are taken care of by SQL Server Agent Job.

a) Backup Job: –

Backup occupation is made on Primary Server occurrence and it performs reinforcement activity. It logs history on the nearby server and screen cuts off and erases old reinforcement documents and history data.

b) Copy Job: –

Copy Job is made on Secondary server occurrence and it performs duplicates the reinforcement documents from essential cut off to auxiliary server. It logs history on the auxiliary server and screen server.

c) Restore Job: –

Restore Job is made on the Secondary server occurrence and it performs reestablish activity. It logs history on the nearby server and screen cut off and erases old records and history data.

d) Alert Job: –

If a Monitor Server is utilized, the Alert Jobs is made on the Monitor server occurrence and it raises Alerts if any activities have not finished effectively.

4) Requirements for Log shipping?

  1. sql venture or work group ,reserve introduced on all server engaged with logons.
  2. information ought to be in full or mass recuperation model.
  3. case delicate setting ought to be same on the two servers.

5) How to arrange Log shipping?

  1. Pick Primary Server, Secondary Servers, and discretionary Monitor server.
  2. Make a File offer to keep Transaction log reinforcements (Best to put on a different PC) .
  3. Make an organizer for every Secondary server into which exchange log reinforcement duplicates.
  4. Pick Backup Schedule for Primary Database .
  5. Pick Copy and Restore Schedules for Secondary Database .
  6. Pick Alert Job plan for Monitor Server whenever designed

6) What are consents required for Log shipping?

We should have sysadmin on every server occurrence to design Log shipping.

7) In Logshipping which Recovery Models can we utilized?

We can utilize either full or mass logged recuperation model for log shipping.

8) Where you checking Log shipping and how?

The accompanying strategies can use for observing Log shipping.

a) Monitor server (History Tables):- Monitor Server tracks all measurements, status and mistakes that could be occur during Log shipping.

1) Log_shipping_monitor_primary:- Stores essential server status

2) Log_shipping_monitor_secondary:- Stores optional servers status

3) Log_shipping_monitor_history_detail:- Contains history subtleties for logshipping specialists.

4) Log_shipping_monitor_error_detail:- Stores blunder subtleties for log shipping occupations.

5) Log_shipping_monitor_alert:- Stores Alert Job ID

b) System Stored Procedures (MSDB):- System Stored methods gives the history data about the predetermined server that are designed in Log shipping.

1) sp_help_log_shipping_monitor (Run at Monitor Server)

2) sp_help_log_shipping_monitor_primary @Primary_Database = ‘DBName’ (Run at MS)

3) sp_help_log_shipping_monitor_secondary @ Secondary_Database = ‘DBName’ (Run at MS)

4) sp_help_log_shipping_alert_job (Run at Mon Server)

5) sp_help_log_shipping_primary_database @ Database = ‘DBName’ (Run at Primary Server)

6) sp_help_log_shipping_secondary_database @ Database = ‘DBName’ (Run at Sec Server)

c) Transaction Log shipping Status report (Summary Reports):- This report demonstrates the status of log shipping arrangements for which this server case is an essential, auxiliary or screen.

d) SQL Server Agent Job Histor:- Right click on Jobs > View history

e) Checking the SQL Server Log

9) How to failover optional server, when the Primary Server comes up short?

In the event that the Primary Server will progress toward becoming un-accessible, do the accompanying advances.

a) Take the Tail of Log from Primary server if conceivable.

b) Restore Tail of log into all Secondary Database

c) Remove Log-shipping arrangement from Primary Server

d) Select any of Secondary server and carry into online with Alter Database DBName set Online

e) Right click on Primary Database and Generate content for Users and Logins.

f) Then move the content to Secondary server to make Users and Logins

g) Re-arrange log shipping from New Server (Secondary server)

10) What are blunders happened in Log shipping?

There are two blunders are happened during Log shipping

1) 14420:- This blunder happens when the Backup employment comes up short .

2) 14421:- This blunder happens when the Restoring employment falls flat

11) What is.tuffile.?

while reestablishing log back up on optional server uncommitted transactions are come to .tuf record.

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