Difference between Trace Flag 1222 and 1204

In this article, I am depicting significant SQL server Trace Flag. Which are Detecting and Ending Deadlocks is referenced underneath.

Trace Flag 1204:-

it’s centered around the focuses attracted with the stop. Each inside point has a committed zone, and the last section portrays the stop harmed person.

Trace Flag 1222:-

it’s profits data in a XML-like approach that does not change as per a XML Schema Definition (XSD) plan. The affiliation has three basic areas. The essential part pronounces the stop hurt individual. The resulting section delineates every method related with the stop. The third territory delineates the advantages that are synonymous with focuses in pursue standard 1204.

Extent of a Trace Flag can be either set to Global or Session Only. Regardless, 1204 and 1222 Trace guidelines can be set Global Only.

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