Microsoft announces availability of SQL Server 2017

A year and a half ago, Microsoft announced that it will bring SQL Server to Linux, offering the main open see later on that year. At the organization’s Ignite 2017 gathering today, it declared that SQL Server 2017 is presently commonly accessible.

While a version up-and-comer was made accessible two or three months prior, for the most part accessible implies that it’s authoritatively prepared to go, and it’s the principal adaptation of the database the executives arrangement that is accessible on Windows Server, Linux, and Docker. Actually, Microsoft says that there have just been 2,000,000 pulls on the SQL Server for Linux picture on Docker Hub.

SQL Server 2017 includes support for Python-and R-based investigation, which implies that you “can prepare propelled models effectively with information inside SQL Server without moving information.” With AI abilities, Microsoft says that the product “conveys industry driving mission basic execution and security with everything worked in, including AI, presently on the foundation of your decision.”

Microsoft additionally says that it’s creation it more savvy to run SQL Server and Windows Server on Azure, as clients can get up to a half decrease in authorizing costs by utilizing Azure Hybrid Benefits. Also, the firm declared today that its Database Migration Service and SQL DV Managed Instance is currently accessible, which make it simpler for clients to move their on-premises database to the cloud, or all the more explicitly, an Azure SQL database.

Top new Features:

  1. Resumable online index rebuild
  2. Automatic database tuning
  3. Adaptive query processing
  4. New Graph database
  5. SELECT INTO” to a File Group
  6. DMV sys.dm_db_stats_histogram, for examining statistics
  7. New DMVs, sys.dm_exec_query_statistics_xml and sys.dm_os_host_info
  8. New Machine Learning Services with R & Python

New Functions:

  2. TRIM()
  4. CONCAT_WS()


  1. In-Memory enhancements and improvements over previous versions
  2. ColumnStore Index enhancements and improvements over previous versions
  3. Indirect Checkpoint performance improvements

Download and Install

SQL Server 2017 RTM bits: To download the SQL Server 2017 RTM you can Download the Full version or Free evaluation version (180 days).

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